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TAR (Regional Administrative Court). The movie won her admission to the Communication Arts course at the Hamburg University despite Alex not having finished high school. Its been a struggle to get to where she is today. I would have to have a degree in International diplomacy but I dont, I can say I am not diplomatic at all: I am too direct.

Her gondola Pegaso (Pegasus in Italian) is moored nearby. "First lady joins official ranks of Venice's gondoliers". It is a tough process and a physically tiring job there arent that many women who want to do it, she says. She won the right to run a hotel gondola but not to be called a gondolier.

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For nearly a millennium Venices gondoliers were exclusively male. Born in Hamburg in 1967, she has been a child prodigy and penned several plays at the tender age of ten. Lets leave just one tradition intact, he said. The ordinance was considered by the local press ad personam, as it only affected Hai. La Gondoliera, the show, is a collection of vivid frames in which Alex is the subject and, together, the half deux ex machina because the author of the pictures is a 27 years old very talented Italian artist, Claudia Rossini aka Yamaha Hanako.

Alex Hai (born 1967 in, hamburg ) 1 is a transgender man of German and Algerian descent who is regarded as the first assigned-female-at-birth and first openly transgender person to be a gondolier in, venice. Pegasus, came in my life in the year 2000. Mauro Morozini, a gondolier who is 48, said it is a question of skill and not her sex. They can go to the pope, she said. Shes currently the only gondolier not employed by the City of Venice. In December 2015, the highest court. Its a very technical job and involves lots of different skills, like watching for weather patterns, he says. The issue of gender in Venices centuries-old gondolier community made headlines again last week when a canal rower came out as transgender, once more bringing this citys unique transport history into the spotlight.

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