bora kim kpop thesis

themselves, who, despite viewing K-pop in a critical light, remain self-professed fangirls. Before it was really hard to operate this project because we had such limited resources, Kim said. EXP's two singles, "LUV/wrong" and "Feel Like This are sung in both Korean and English.

Bora kim kpop thesis
bora kim kpop thesis

And now because of K-Drama, people dont care about that anymore. Im Japanese, the country that colonized Korea. EXP is inspired by Zion. Its very interesting because they think if its art, its not real.

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None, however, could be as passionate as the. Were people of color, so now people are attacking us that we are all white boys. EXP detractor there is one converted fan. KK: To counter that, though, fangirl is still a derogatory term. Kim said theyre still gauging audience reception since theyre just getting started in South Korea. Some fans accused the band of trying to imitate a well-known K-pop group called EXO, an allegation that Kim and Kuroda have denied. But for me it was like, Asians are cool! With their flirty, boyish charms, immaculately coiffed dos, and pupillary sparkle to say nothing of their tight, uniform dance moves and bilingual crooning. But Karin grew up here, so its more about how Asians perform. BK: I was a really hardcore K-pop fan in high school, but I graduated and for almost seven years was completely detached from this world. Their appearance on I Can See Your Voice, the music reality show, was also a hit among Koreans, Kim and Kuroda said.