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settlers where treated very badly. For example, lets say you tell your students, Think about a time when you were_. Conflict and its consequences for Native Americans III. Attitudes of those in Continue Reading Early Education of Native Americans 830 Words 3 Pages Native Americans put up a good fight in defending their homelands against foreign invaders. How would you feel?

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This disturbing discrepancy reinforces the age old notion of the drunk Indian. Angry at a sibling. Fill in the blank really proud of someone. The Europeans examined only indigenous mit master thesis deadline peoples heads and were forbidden to use any Europeans brains. Unbelievably, it was Jackson who authorized the Indian Removal Act of 1830 following the recommendation of President James Monroe in his final address to Congress in 1825. They were plagued with diseases such as dysentery, pneumonia, whooping cough, pellagra and tuberculosis, which usually wiped out entire families (Cave, 2003). According to Jack.

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