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a crime or fault access (kss). However, no list of terms can be joined to give a clear definition of abstract words, such as happiness, self (Winkler, 2012) or freedom (Fromkin, et al, 2005). This situation has led to emergence of two major interpretations of the word Synonymy: Absolute Synonymy: This happens when the two words are interchangeable in all contexts without any change in the degree of semantic normality. Language is traditionally a left hemisphere phenomenon, though at present a right hemisphere contribution is increasingly evident. In summation of Searles theory, he believed that it was not the word or the sign that was the basic unit of communication, but rather it was the production of the token (word, symbol) in the performance of the speech acts (Searle 1969,.254).

According to Winker (2012 because dictionary uses words to define words generally, therefore the different sense and connotations of each word will result in an array of interpretations. Analysis or study of a recently completed event: a postmortem on a game of chess. (1983) Principles of Pragmatics, London: NY: Longman, xii. Lyons in Agbaedo (1968) rejects this position saying They combine to radically different criteria and prejudges the question of the inter dependence Descriptive Synonymy: There is also what we can describe as descriptive Synonymy.

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And indeed context contributes a lot to the understanding of word meaning. His five essential kinds of action are outlined below. This saw meaning attributed to things as being abstract in form and thus knowledge was divided between opinion and true knowledge. The difference between the two is summarised by Leech (1983) who maintains that while both fields are concerned with learning, the difference between them may be traced to two different uses of the verb to mean. They originally grabbed scholars attention because there was a fashion, mainly in the 17th Century, to find the perfect language. In other words, the study of meaning in language is the study of a signification process where the essential element is the sign (Frawley 1992). The two sentences above show that hidden and conceal have identical truth condition.e. The only example in this regard is adder and Vipper. The question that arises from this is that do these point to the existence of underlying universal categories or do social conventions bring about the similarities that are observed. Underlying the psychological theory of meaning is a philosophical theory which is concerned with the analysis and investigation of what things mean in the world.

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