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review of the information presented in the essay and suggestions for further action. Opinion polls suggest that a number of Trump voters believed those stories. US presidential race goes down the drain. The furore forced him to issue an apology and try to convince voters that the words in the video "do not reflect who I am". Image copyright Getty Images, the most powerful nation on earth is electing a new leader, with the impact felt across the globe. In 2016, Clinton secured the Democratic Partys nomination, becoming the first woman in the.S.

This had influenced two Presidential elections and tends to favor the Republican Party for two reasons. . Emails by Donald Trump,., support the fact that the Trump campaign did not decline Russian offers to give them damning information about Clinton that may have been illegally obtained through cyberattacks. Voters and an increasingly concerned international community. So, we've got two candidates, both in a race to get to 270 electors by winning whole states at a time. But 34 seats are up for grabs on 8 November.

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