essays on conservation of energy in 250 words

ways to conserve water in the home and garden. We should save our water from essay unemployment and youth the water pollution by inhibiting the mixing of industrial wastes and other wastes into the water. T let water run while shaving or washing your face. It has also been estimated that around or more than 3 billion of people would suffer water shortages by 2025. A small nuclear family with four members consumes around 960 lt of water every day and around 350400 lt per year.

Hence, there is a need for serious thinking to improve this sector by inducting new technology, attracting more investment, developing non-conventional sources and inculcating habits for saving and conservation. Should make habit of washing hands, fruits and vegetables in a pan high school info essays of water or using mug instead of washing under running water. 15 seconds a small child is dieing of water born diseases. Everything on the earth need water like human beings, animals, trees, plants, insects, and other living things. And they are abundantly available in many countries. According to the conducted by united nation, it is found that girls in the rajasthan do not go to school as they have to go long distances to get water which eats their whole day so they do not get time for other purposes.