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increase in the number of tourists visiting any particular place. It is important to mention that in the tourism industry, the personnel who attend tourists form an essential ingredient of the product, such as sales personnel are found responsible for dealing with customers behind the counter, the resort representatives cater to the need of tourists. Promotion sotc uses electronic, print and all sorts of media as tourism is a highly promoted industry. Hollander,.C., Jones,.G.B. And is still useful in some situations." 27 Marketing edit Further information: Market orientation The marketing orientation is perhaps the most common orientation used in contemporary marketing. "Tourism Marketing Mix Essay." All Answers Ltd. Sotc apply online essay writing companies Do-it-Yourself Holidays sotc Do-it-Yourself Holidays caters exclusively to the needs and requirements of the discerning Free Individual Traveler. This concept has taken the shape of a formal kind of Rural Tourism. Specifically Kotler and Armstrong note that the production philosophy is "one of the oldest philosophies that guides sellers. Yet, the 4 Ps model has extensive overlapping problems.

5, philip Kotler defines marketing asĀ :-marketing is about, satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process. The Marketing Mix Revisited: Towards the 21st Century Marketing Journal of Marketing Management,. The quality of technology and the communicative ability of the telemarketers determine the magnitude of success of this component. Scheme of Rural Tourism Tourism growth potential can be harnessed as a strategy for Rural Development.

People who previously used to come to the country on a shoestring budget and hunt around for the cheapest accommodation can now afford to go in for luxury hotels. Pricing of the tourist product is a complex matter because of its composite nature. The more the amount of outside people coming into a place, the more the perceived risk of that place losing its identity. Rural tourism allows the creation of an alternative source of income in the non-agricultural sector for rural e added income from rural tourism can contribute to the revival of lost folk art and handicrafts. Sotc Gurjar Vishwadarshan sotc Gurjar Vishwadarshan was launched especially for Gujarati community residing in India, to cater to their needs of having a Pure Indian Vegetarian Meal with a Gujarati flavor, Gujarati speaking tour manager at your service right from India to India and traveling. Sales promotion edit Main article: Sales promotion Short-term incentives to encourage buying of products: Instant appeal Anxiety to sell An example is coupons or a sale. A good example is Goa. Marketing researchers use statistical methods (such as quantitative research, qualitative research, hypothesis tests, Chi-square tests, linear regression, correlation coefficients, frequency distributions, Poisson and binomial distributions, etc.) to interpret their findings and convert data into information. Key geographic regions would be identified for development and promotion of Rural Tourism. "Marketing Management: Strategies and Programs Guiltinan., McGraw Hill/Irwin, 1996 "In the Mix: A Customer-Focused Approach Can Bring the Current Marketing Mix into the 21st Century". There are also small agents (who have taken franchise of sotc) spread all over the town/country who also play a role of place.