essay on drug abuse in punjabi

Menace to the Society 823 Words 4 Pages, drug Abuse is a serious issue affecting all sections of the society, Irrespective whether they are Young/Old, Poor/Rich, and Educated/Illiterate. Prescription drugs are the second most widely Continue Reading Substance Abuse with Drugs and Alcohol 1013 Words 4 Pages There are many types of drugs and alcohol. Because Continue Reading Drug Abuse in Hk 8526 Words 35 Pages The Causes of Drug Abuse in Hong Kong Prepared by: Table of Contents Introduction.4 Causes of abusing substances by young people.5-6 Causes of Abuse and Difficulties of Giving.7-8 Motivations hindered. Drugs are initially taken out of choice, however, it becomes hard to resist them sooner than you realize. Drug Abuse Essay 2 (300 words). Here is a look at some of the main reasons that lead to this problem: Loneliness Many people take to drugs to overcome the feeling of loneliness. The report is intended to serve the purpose of providing the knowledge about drug abuse and to suggest ways to help limit drug abuse. Talk to your family and friends about your issues.

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This is the reason why teenagers are more prone to drug abuse. Drugs are used as pain killers to avert physical and/or emotional pain by providing the user with a temporary escape from lifes realities. It is essential to spread awareness about the negative repercussions of drugs to discourage their use. Natural or synthetic substance which (when taken into a living body) affects its functioning or structure, and is used in the diagnosis, mitigation, treatment. Continue Reading, drug Abuse and Prevention 1510 Words 7 Pages idea of prevention is to limit the availability of drugs (Hart Ksir, 2011,.