how to write an annotation

work, whereas the purpose of an annotation is to describe the work in such a way that the reader can decide whether or not to read the work itself. In conclusion Id like to say that. Use the Notes area of each topic to expand on your ideas and arguments. 4, when it comes to research paper, as a rule, is very important its practical usefulness. State the main conclusions the author presents. "The author addresses himself to a scientist, but the concluding chapters will be clear to any informed lay person.". Annotations are generally 150-200 words long. The text is addressed to/will be of (deep, profound, etc.) interest for/will be of use for. This is done to the editor, looking at the data obtained could immediately determine whether it was issued for this work or not. 2, to cope with this challenge, describe why in an article for which it was written and what conclusions have been drawn in the end. So even if you make an annotation to his own paper, which set out your views and findings, you still do not have to write in her phrases like "In my work, we discuss." or "Based on these results, I concluded.".

How to write an, annotation
How to write an annotation to the article
Write an annotation to this text (5-6 sentences about 50-80 words)

Therefore, the annotation text should be as clear, simple and easy to understand even for people who do not specialize in this subject. An annotated bibliography helps the reader understand the particular usefulness of each item. As a rule, every scientific or journalistic article, directed to the editor should be accompanied by an abstract. Your personal impression and opinion of the text. "The text discusses the role of petroleum industry in world history.".

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