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environment and the population. The scale of a map shows how much the real world has been reduced to fit on the map. Since geography is such a large subject, with so many topics, it makes sense to split it into key themes. All of these things are covered by geography. Geography is the study of the physical features of the earth, including how humans affect the earth and are affected. If you ride a bus to school that is movement. Independent Practice: Students will receive a blank piece of white paper. And region is about classifying the parts of the world. Human-environment interaction is the study of how humans affect the environment and how the environment affects humans.

How do the physical landscapes create human conflict? Example: Location: Address, region: mountains, intercostal, midwest, mild climate. Location is kind of like the first step in understanding an aspect of the earth and involves providing a reference to describe where a particular place is on the earth. Each box should be labeled a theme of geography. Geography deals with the physical aspects of the earth: the composition, the layers of the earth, the atmosphere, the plants and animals, the mountains, rivers, and other landforms. They also need to draw a picture that represents what they talked about in the sentences. Guided Practice: Use chart paper to apply the 5 Themes of Geography to your school together. There are three ways you can classify Human-Environmental Interaction.

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Collectively, these five themes encompass the whole subject of geography. Place is a description of the physical and human characteristics of the location being studied. The Five Themes of Geography are location, human / environmental interactions, regions, place, and movement. You can figure out the type of place it is by the types of buildings, if theres pollution, the population, etc. And we can even disagree about whether an impact is positive or negative. Natural resources: peat, limestone, dolomite, amber, hydropower, wood, arable land. How does columbia essay college confidential music made in China become popular in the US? Regions are places that are grouped together because they have something in common. Collectively, these five themes encompass the whole of the subject of geography. Unlock Content, over 70,000 lessons in all major subjects. Latvia is generally a very flat country of low-lying plains, largely covered by forest. Lesson Summary, geography is the study of the physical features of the earth, including how humans affect the earth and are affected.

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