tasc essay rubric

have legal jurisdiction over the United States, and the United States can withdraw from its international partnerships at any time. This provides balance since the outcome could fall on either side of the issue. The passage is well-organized into 5 paragraphs with an introduction, three supporting paragraphs with details from each passage, and a concluding paragraph. Americans should support the Supreme Court decision detailed in the first passage that fundamentally upheld the First Amendment, permitting full freedom of expression on school campuses because of the sacredness of our Constitution, the distinction best descriptive essay about myself between speech and action, and the uniqueness of American law.

Student loans can help your credit, but only if you make the payments each month. Transition words and phrases are included that add cohesion to the essay as a whole (The first step, After, The third step, and In conclusion). Both sections of the test require significant shifts in how we teach writing. the writers personal opinion is clear and the tone is convincing. If a student can pay back the loan, then the loan is a good idea. Student loan debt is an important concern in society today. In terms of syntax, there are no major errors in grammar or spelling, and the word choice is precise chernobyl essay photo and commanding. This tasc sample essay would receive a Score of 4, and a total.