migrant mother analysis essay

California Florida. It was one of those things in which you could just simply take a look at and can read every emotion present and or visible. Florence in the photograph portrays the real effects that the depression of 1929 had on people in the United States. The mother looks ahead trying to understand what has happened and what to do next. It showed many elements of weariness, pain, anger, destitution, and depression all in one strong yet subtle photograph. Migrant, mother, essay, Research, paper, the photograph of, dorothea. She had just sold the tires from her car to buy food. This is from the manner that they look disappointed and in a poor mood. This photograph symbolized the Great Depression as it shows how many lives of Americans were affected by the storm and depicts the numerous struggles they had to undergo. American families had to endure throughout this era.

Migrant mother analysis essay
migrant mother analysis essay

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S migrant mother is a picture taken in 1936 during a period of the American depression. In a sense this photograph symbolized hope for the nation to strive to make it through the tough economic times. They are what keep her going. But in the end there is hope and dreams to rise above too. For all its power and effectiveness at portraying such deep emotions as a photograph, Migrant Mother is truly a work of art.

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