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In a World Hindi Conference held in Bhopal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that English, Hindi and Chinese are going to rule the digital world in the times to come thereby emphasizing the importance of the language. 14th September, the day the Constituent Assembly of India adopted Hindi as its official language, is celebrated as Hindi Diwas each year. Hindi is the official language of many of the Indian states including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand and Jharkhand. Hindi Diwas Essay 3 (400 words). Hindi Diwas, celebrated on the 14th of September each year is a way to celebrate the Hindi language and the Indian culture. It is sad to see that even for jobs and educational courses that require people to be smart in other respects, the employers choose them based on their English speaking skills. The words in this language are pronounced exactly the way they are written. Even though there is an inclination towards English and its importance is emphasized in schools and other places, Hindi stands strong as the most widely spoken language in our country.

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In schools and colleges, mostly the management organizes Hindi debate, poem or story telling competitions. Hindi Diwas The Celebration, hindi Diwas is celebrated in schools, colleges and offices. Introduction, indians are highly impressed with the ways of the west. It clearly shows that employers mistake a persons English language skills for their knowledge about the task at hand. This day in the year 1949, Hindi was adopted as the countrys official language by the Constituent Assembly of India. Hindi Diwas Essay 2 (300 words). The newer generation is fascinated by the western culture and English language and is following them blindly. Essay s pulse essay on ball, essay s Ball essay on car, essay s car essay on nani. Conclusion Hindi Diwas is a great way to pay respect to our national language, Hindi. Hindi is known as the fourth widely used language in the world.