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Master said, The demands that a gentleman makes are upon himself; those that a small man makes are upon others. However, different aspects of certain themes can tend to be less appealing. Another character that had a great influence on Pip? Thoughts of Confucius are carried through history in a book called the Lun-yu. Confucius stresses that one can learn by selecting good qualities from the good, and one can learn self-correction from those that emulate bad qualities (Analects, VII. S greatest wishes to separate himself from the common folk, including Joe. An obvious contradiction to these themes comes from chapter 19 of the same Book.

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This aspect of a gentleman now lies in the hands of others, and how one ought to be distressed if others do not recognize ones capacities. Analects Of Confucius Essay, Research Paper. The virtue of a gentleman is like the wind, the virtue of a small person like grass. S life was his childhood friend Joe. It is thought from great thinkers that influence the values and habits of a culture. In the original text of the Analects the term jen represents what is meant by Good. It is explained as?a sublime moral attitude, a transcendental perfection attained to by legendary heroes such as Po I, but not by any living of historic person (Analects, 28). To no avail Yen Hui searches for Goodness until he realizes he?can find no way of getting to it at all.

Examples of this are determining a true gentleman. When Pip moves off to London Joe comes to visit him and Joe knows that they are not a pair to best be seen in London together. Confusing for me at first, I find this chapter is meant to explain how a gentleman need not be specialize in only one qualification. And after years of living as a?gentleman? This also may include a lack of biases while one follows the path to a true gentleman. I interpret this to mean that a fair and kind ruler need only be one who represents good, and the people will follow the rulers virtue. This is evident in a passage where Yen Hui?strains his gaze up towards it, the higher is soars. This is not unlike my feelings on how one ought to be secure with oneself and their capacities.