osmosis in potato cells essays

called osmotic pressure.read more. I will take 3 repeat readings by putting 3 pieces of potato in each boiling tube; this means that the repeat readings are being done under exactly the same conditions. It is also more accurate than using a clock. (Turgidity is very important in plants, because it allows the appropriate parts of the plant to 'stand up' in order to get enough sunlight). If any readings seemed anomalous, I took an additional reading just to be sure.

After approximately 20 minutes the potato cell in 1 molar sugar solution started to float as well. This is known as reverse osmosis.

Equipment Goggles: - These were worn for safety reasons to avoid anything from coming into contact with the eyes. There was problem to cut same cylinders of potato because any difference in length can affect the result. This is a point where the concentration of water inside the sweet potato cell is the same as the concentration of water in the solution which the sweet potato. After finishing the experiments, I washed my hands because my hands could be contaminated with chemicals, even if they were not used. The opposite happened with the water solution; water moved from the solution into the potato chip. The above preview is unformatted text.