thesis oral defense rubric

: Circle goals meeting Exemplary level. Knowledge, skills, values Creative, analytical, critical thinking Oral and written communication, research from myriad sources Design and conduct research New and various methods technologies Global perspectives. The introduction was appropriate and the conclusion reiterated the main points. Substantive and methodological questions were answered confidently, accurately, and reflected deep knowledge of the research topic.

Professional appearance in dress and presentation style. No verbal fillers were used.

Students Name: Students Graduate Program: Rubric for Evaluating MS, thesis or PhD, dissertation and, defense (Final Oral. Exam) Committee Members, Readers and Students are responsible for being aware of this evaluation rubric in advance of the defense. Modified From CSU Stanislaus Doctoral Dissertation. Oral Defense Rubric, visual aids were interesting and enhanced the verbal message.

Adhered to the time term paper on nikon d3300 limitations and provided time for questions. Combines and evaluates existing ideas to form new insights. Word Choice, the language used was appropriate for a general audience. Substantive and methodological questions were answered correctly, in a concise manner, and illustrated in-depth knowledge of topic. The introduction was pertinent and the conclusion reinforced the main points. Supports the thesis and key findings with an analysis of relevant and accurate evidence, provides evidence of extensive and valid research with multiple and varied sources, provides evidence of complex problem solving and learning stretch. Spoke with confidence and ease. The presentation followed a smooth, logical progression. Exemplary, clearly defines the topic or thesis and its significance.