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grocer, etc., one must believe that their social role is equivalent to their human existence. Vickery wrote that Sartre's work resembles Sir James George Frazer 's The Golden Bough (1890) in the way its author "merges psychology and the concrete sense of fiction although he considered it less readable than Frazer's work. In other words, all consciousness is, by definition, self-consciousness. Being "a moral person" is one of the most severe forms of bad faith. But instead of listing refutations of the argument, I will entertain the possibility that some of the very smart people who defend the fine-tuning argument have answers to my objections. He is playing, he is amusing himself. How this series will proceed I have many objections to the fine-tuning argument many objections to the claim that fine-tuning provides evidence for God. Who you are (your essence) is defined by what you do (your existence). All his behavior seems to us a game.

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Part 1, Chapter 1: The origin of negation edit From Sartre's phenomenological point of view, nothingness is an experienced reality and cannot be a merely subjective mistake. The second one is conceiving oneself as an object (e.g. Living a life defined by one's occupation, social, racial, or economic class, is the very essence of "bad faith the condition in which people cannot transcend their situations in order to realize what they must be (human) and what they are not (waiter, grocer, etc.). New York: Vintage Books. This is back to the pre-reflective mode of being, it is "the eye of the camera that is always present but is never seen". As such, it invites a careful examination. We try to bring the beloved's consciousness to the surface of their body by use of magical acts performed, gestures (kisses, desires, etc. Defenders of the fine-tuning argument have put the emphasis in different places. 26 The philosopher Roger Scruton, writing in Sexual Desire (1986 credited Sartre with "perhaps the most acute philosophical analysis" of sexual desire, and endorsed Sartre's view that sexual desire cannot be considered equivalent to appetite, as this ignores "the interpersonal component of human sexual responses.". He wrote that Sartre's argument that Freud's theory of repression is internally flawed is based on a misunderstanding of Freud, and that Sartre's attempts to adapt Freud's ideas are of greater interest. I may return briefly to the other two possibilities later, but for the most part I would like to set them aside. That is the most tempting explanation to human intuition, but these intuitions have turned out to be wrong time and time again.

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