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assistance. Her present research is concerned with IQ optimal control system. 9 ype- IQ control with nd -order (ommand voltage v * 48V to 49V and load 48). We can derive a linear state equation o the boost converter into two steps rom. In order to derive the state space equation, we reorganize the equation as ollows: di r i v dt dv i (3) dt then we dispose the state space equation as ollows: x Ax Bu d (4 is transpose matrix, u v x. Numeria simuaions AN resus he parameter o our simulation, which were carried out at the condition o input voltage o V and the carried requency o khz.

He IQ servo-control have characteristic as ollow; very easy to designed, stable, robust and can be used as practical servo controller or the optimal electric control. Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Image Processing, Wireless Communication, Mobile Computing, Grid Computing, Parallel and Distributed Systems, WebMining, Networking Network Security. Most o them ail to perorm satisactorily under the large parameter or the load variations. hence, applying the steady state analysis with d, the steady state equation can be obtained as ollows: x x Bu d (3) x I V, u V,.

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Loss minimization is considered as the objective, while taking into account the networks technical characteristics as constraints,.e., node voltage and line thermal limits. Are summarized in able. 9 and., all responses are stable, and the command voltage is higher and higher, rising time is smaller and smaller slightly, on the other hand recovery time is larger and larger too. Embedded systems java matlabpower electronics dotnet mechanicalpower systems PHP BIG dataraspberry PI android NS2 vlsi). Ujii, esign o racking Systems with Q Optimality and Quadratic Stability, in Proc. In this chapter, describes the advantage o our design method. Degree in omputer Science rom Kasetsart University, Bangkok hailand, in and 7, respectively. Or the evaluating response by the reerencee input, we deine a "rising time which is an interval rom the increasing reerence voltage output to 95 o reerence voltage.

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