education in prisons essay

from a study. Failure to understand the environment will most likely result to challenge behavior. They said girls between the age of 11 and 17 have stronger addiction to drugs and alcohol than boys because of hormones. Internet access must also be limited to the sessions and all the homework will be done at the library of the correctional facility. Distance education for prisoners is a good essay traduccion castellano solution for instructional problems that were noted among prisoners. Yes, for me prisoners need to be given the chance to access distance learning education in a limited coursework and selected programs that involves no risk at all. What is important is that they get out of prison with a diploma (Wilson Ruess 173) and is ready to face the challenges of the labor market. The key is teaching them to adapt the new lifestyle behind bars. M, (December 31, 1969). They are a challenge to the state and to the society. Also the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Program concluded in their study that every dollar spent on treatment for substance abuse saves the state seven dollars via reduced crime and health costs.

Education in prisons essay
education in prisons essay

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I do not think that drug education will help everyone, but lets give it a try. And the only way I find that will bridge the gap of talking between an uneducated man and a moron is education. The problem is that 58 of the populations in jail are drug offenders. Proper monitoring eliminates any potential risk in the system. Education is to be regarded as the responsibility of the state and the community to help the person obtain the basic skills for survival and obtain comprehensive knowledge that will make him understand life, society and morality. The No Child Left Behind Act was very effective. It helps sharpen the intellect to understand policies, law and their moral obligation to safeguard the well being of other people.

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