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868 words (2.5 pages) Preview - Many things, both good and bad, blossom from time spent on the internet and regularly using technology. Those skills might be channeled through technology, but they hardly require technology to acquire. Supporters of the use of technology in schools focus on convenience of technology that help to equalize educational opportunities for students, It's cost effectiveness and how learning has enhanced since the involvement of technology in schools. Reality: All of that may be true, south korea essay paper but without directed motivation of the student, no sustained learning actually happens, with or without technology. For the price of a couple of textbooks, you might as well get a low-cost. Technology can play vital role in improving education systems. Good or bad, everyone uses technology every day. Since technology itself requires proper motivation for its benefits to accrue, any school that cant direct student motivation capably will fail to do so with technology, as well (or worse, allow technology to distract students).

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Technology has affected education by giving students the opportunity to learn outside the classroom. When someone talks of end product he is referring to the final product yielded from these digital forms of storage or digital media which include: digital signage, digital video, digital audio, augmented reality or digital art. To engage hard to reach' learners, with special needs support, more motivating ways of learning, and more choice about how and where to learn. She hopes that Benhurst will reap the same benefits. And, as for technologys capacity to even the playing field of education, he says, the introduction of information and communication technologies in schools serves to amplify existing forms of inequality. I graduated from college with a degree in elementary education and moved to the village of Savoonga, a predominately Native community.

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