protein synthesis essay memory consolidation

bypassing the requirement of assessing if memory retrieval occurred is to design an experiment where the process of memory reconsolidation is interrupted, which should impair memory retrieval at a later date. The neurobiological process of synaptic memory consolidation is thought to be long-term potentiation (LTP which is the prolonged strengthening of the synapse with increased signalling between two neurons (Sacktor, 2012). 16 They also retain the ability to be influenced by priming effects without the patients being able to consciously recall any training session occurring. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 23 (1 84-91. The physiological conditions that cause synaptic consolidation involve many different processes which result in a physical change of the synapse (Dubnau Chiang, 2013). 17 Studies by Gold and van Buskirk provided initial evidence for this relationship when they showed that injections of epinephrine into subjects following a training period resulted in greater hofstede's cultural dimensions usa hospitality essay educated long-term retention of task related memories. This essay aims to conglomerate the current understanding of memory reconsolidation, furthermore addressing the resonance upon clinical psychology.

protein synthesis essay memory consolidation

To start off, a protein is made in a ribosome.
There are many cellular mechanisms involved with protein synthesis.

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By looking at the molecular mechanisms the researchers found that certain ndma receptor subunits have to be stimulated in the BLA during reactivation of the memory to begin reconsolidation. These molecular cascades trigger transcription factors that lead to changes in gene expression. The study used a behavioural task that measures the conditioned reinforcing properties of a drug-paired stimulus by first exposing the stimulus, then injecting a nmda receptor antagonist before a memory reactivation session. 1 LTP, one of the best understood forms words to use in a contrast essay of synaptic plasticity, is thought to be a possible underlying process in synaptic consolidation. So far, DCS has only shown as extinction effect when used with behavioural training such as exposure therapy and CBT. Behavioral and Brain Sciences,. The potential ability to modify established emotional memories through the processes of memory updating, reconsolidationand extinction of conditioned fear memories has important implications for the treatment of many mental disorders, including anxiety disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

F.; Kakeyama,.; Bethus,.; Spooner,. Cite This Essay, to export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,. 6 There have also been concerns about the use of reconsolidation research to justify psychotherapy treatments, and the generalizability of basic reconsolidation research into the therapy room 32 Distinctions from consolidation edit Questions arose if reconsolidation was a unique process or merely another phase. 14 MTT thus states that both episodic and semantic memories rely on the hippocampus and the latter becomes somewhat independent of the hippocampus during consolidation. E.; Roozendaal,.; McGaugh,. 1 Long-term potentiation edit Main article: Long-term potentiation LTP can be thought of as the prolonged strengthening of synaptic transmission, 6 and is known to produce increases in the neurotransmitter production and receptor sensitivity, lasting minutes to even days. Some criticisms of these studies were the possibility that DCS might have undesirable effects when there is no in session fear extinction, and the need for more research and better administration of the drug (De Kleine, 2014). A change in synaptic plasticity can be a short-term change which lasts a few minutes to a long-term change which can last up to a life-time.