advantages and disadvantages of studying english abroad essay

teaching facilities and other resources. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. Sometimes you need a long time to adapt yourself in other countries or else we can get homesick. It will make you familiar with their language, and then you follow them to speak their language. Provided that students could improve understanding of the conditions of other countries such as political issues and tolerance of other views, comparison is inevitable. At first, you are not be able to speak the countrys language fluently, you will speak your language inadvertent and so do they. You will get a high price and more wages. They have own reason to stud locally or abroad. Moreover, the free-friendship means you can have friends and do anything freely, but the problem is about free-sex and. Both of universities, abroad or local have their own uniqueness, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Nowadays, there are many people continue studying outside their country. Furthermore, by having more international friends. IT iatter OF THE fact that, some OF them still have best condition AND chance TO study well, even study. Studying, abroad, iERY good opportunity anrilliant future leading TO THE success.

Advantages, and, disadvantages, of, studying, abroad
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Although this is not exclusively true, employers tend to look favourably upon periods of studying in foreign country. Primarily, I would like to improve my English language skills. It's also becoming increasingly important for success in the modern global economy." (Michelle Obama 2011). BUT circumstance changed AND they HAD TO take AN irrevokable decision. They cant forget everything about their country:THE climate, evergreen surroundings, frinedly people, rains, sunshine AND THE fruits which they ahve IN plenty. Study abroad applications are a far less arduous process. Nowadays, there are many people continuing their studies outside their country. However, the students have their own where to study. However, THE thought OF leaving their dear country,where they were born, bred, educated AND spent their youthful life with unforgettable memories, IS almost wrench! And of course it is necessary to say, that European educational system is completely differ from our one. This immersion would also be very fascinating as I would acquire greater knowledge and understanding of a foreign culture. Living in any new country is likely to broaden the mind.