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highest mountain on each of the seven continents (completed August 5th, 1986). The Mission of Friar William of Rubruck: His Journey to The Court of Great Khan Mongke. Everest Udfordringen: Dagbog en hemmeligfaerd. See also Wood's, A History of the Levant Company. He also made his own route through the Khumbu ice fall, rather than use the prepared route.

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These are the only three written accounts by Sherpa that I am aware of, other than, Touching My Father's Soul, the account by Tenzing's son about the 1996 Everest imax expedition Coburn, Breashears, and Tashi Tenzing's Tenzing Norgay and the Sherpas of Everest. To me, without deeper motivation, this detail has more to do with the author's ability at research than it has to do with developing an understanding of Whillans character.

What is most interesting, although having nothing to do with Everest, is the previous chapter that discusses his personal relationship with Hitler. . Finally, for a recent informed and balanced discussion of the "Tibet Question see Goldstein's, The Snow Lion and the Dragon, Grunfeld's, The Making of Modern Tibet, Smith's, Tibetan Nation, and Shakya's, The Dragon in the Land of Snows, the last of these being a comprehensive. It is terribly written. Broad Peak and the 1957 Austrian Karakoram Expedition. In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1st summit, National Geographic Magazine put out a special edition in May 2003. Wollaston Wollaston, Nicolas (2003). What these books do do, is provide the catalyst for serious thought, and the opportunity to address some fairly serious issues that extend beyond mountaineering. See also See also Allen's A Mountain in Tibet. Again, I would have expected that this be addressed one way or the other, since if she was in a relationship that could have influenced her deciding to try again, it is relevant to the story a womans story so significant to the theme. However, given the military approach and siege tactics used, this title is not surprising.) Hunt's book includes a chapter written by Hillary describing the final summit bid with Tenzing. Appendix I includes a section of his paper presented on the 1935 Everest Reconnaissance. What caused the fall and how Irvine died, are still unsolved, and almost certainly unsolvable questions.

Finally, a summary of the references to the missions of Bogle and Turner in contemporary Tibetan texts can be found in Petech's " The missions of Bogle and Turner according to the Tibetan texts ". Left for Dead - My Journey Home from Everest. Besides simply helping me organize my own thoughts, my hope is that this document will be of interest and a guide to others who share my passion for the topics covered. It is a curious footnote to the history of Everest that is worth reading, despite the frustrating absence of any references, bibliography or list of sources. The Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal. It is an interesting, but somewhat dry account. The is a very readable and fairly well researched book on the history of the North-West Frontier. When Men and Mountains Meet - The Explorers of the Western Himalayas 1820-75 Keay, John.

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