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was more then just love (Poe, line 9). But when such love is ended by tragedy such as this, is it not normal to grieve and maybe even go a little bit crazy? But Poe says at the beginning of his poem: It was many and many a year ago (Poe, line 1). The first time Annabel Lee is read, it is almost carefree and childlike. This poem is depressing, dreary, and strange and it is also heartwarming, loving, and poignantly tender as a man in grief reveals his feelings for his one true, dead, love. We can also observe the way in which the poem is written. Annabel Lee is, at best, dark and depressing. If it was indeed such a long time ago, why is he still so fixated on his Annabel Lee? His own wife dying at a young introduction in research paper definition age from pneumonia, Poe never really seems to recover. True, he loved her deeply, that is never doubted. An acquaintance with essay about myself sample.

In the second stanza, it is even written: She was a child, and I was a child, (Poe, line7). Starting stanza three however, the mood shifts abruptly from light and breezy to morbid and dark. S Poetry is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. It is an almost subconscious shift for the reader and sometimes is not even noticed until the end. It is deep, it is morbid, it is scary, it is definitely not just pretty. Were they na ve and innocent as children always are?

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It can be observed even in Annabel Lee, traces of himself that Poe leaves behind for an avid reader to sniff out. But it is not just pretty. Poe believes that the reason she died was because the angels were so jealous of them and their love. Perhaps this was the true reason for her death. Now this is starting to seem especially morbid can ever dissever my soul from the soul of the beautiful Annabel Lee? Annabel Lee Essay, Research Paper, edgar Allen Poe s Annabel Lee is a tale of mourning and lost love. Annabel Lee is definitely the classic Poe work, filled with morbid, gruesome meanings, yet written in a beautiful, heart wrenching way. But we find later on that he calls her his bride, and speaks of a love that certainly seems more then childish. The kind of love every person tries to find in his or her lifetime. But look at the arrangement of the stanza. The number of lines increases, the complexity also increases, and the rhyme scheme changes.