rober baron v captain of industry essay

passenger that floated by, Raymond wrote,. While the Industrialists of the late 19th Century were indeed Captains of Industry, they were only able to reach that level by using the power they obtained as Robber Barons. Fifteen years later, he achieved his goal of having oil products flow from producer to consumer controlled by one companyThe Standard Oil Company. He built tank cars and distribution systems. Raymond attacked the Commodore for pursuing competition for competitions sake; competition which crowds out legitimate enterprises. Carnegie, Rockefeller and other such industrialists were adamantly seen as Captains of Industry by many because of their success in conquering the "American Dream. The simple answer is scale. Therefore, it is difficult to label anything as a singular extreme. He then formed a partnership in a grain commission house. This was one of the most significant advancements in American history and without it, the country may never have industrialized or taken a significantly longer time to.

rober baron v captain of industry essay

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Got a writing question? Industrialists such as Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller are seen by many as heroes whose industrial and philanthropic contributions, had, and continue to have, an enormous positive impact on the country. No one doubted what their motives were. He donated money for more than 3,000 free public libraries, supported artistic and research organizations, and set up a fund to study how to eliminate war. Oil refining and distribution and much of the worlds oil trade. Businesspeople today would do the same thing. There is no one right response to the actions of these men and there is an overwhelming amount of support for each side. So how did the definition of robber baron change from Raymonds to our own? Ask our professional writer! When he was 14 years old, his family moved to Cleveland. Carnegie believed in a gospel of wealth. From 1895 to 1897, Rockefeller gradually retired from active business.

On the other hand, a robber baron was someone who was considered a ruthless businessman. The law stated that one company could not own the stock of another. That in my opinion, makes them captains of industry.

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