engineering for a better world essay

gene therapy. Tolle English III 26 February 2014 Genetic Engineering Imagine a world where autism and downs syndrome are a thing of the past, and where there is no shortage on food for anybody. See the year 1994 in m ). When scientists first discovered the process of fusion, they did not hesitate to apply it to a destructive use. They would know everything about everyone; could tell their weaknesses, approximate health problems, etc. These are a thousand times more powerful than atomic wasnt until much later (1954) that the world discovered the implications of these dangerous bombs. If agriculture were to be based entirely on genetic engineering this would signal the end of farming as this nation has known it from centuries ago. We would also be able to improve the genes of animals and plants so that these organisms can better serve the human race. Scientists may even tap into these resources for cloning ientists think they can just jump in and start healing people. Genetically engineered plants pose a series of problems. Pros Cons GE, combined with cloning, can be applied to animals to make valuable pharmaceuticals which cannot be made in other ways.

Engineering for a better world essay
engineering for a better world essay

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The main factor permitting this is international travel, but nobody has suggested that this should be banned. Secondly pure versions of certain treatment drugs can reduce the risk of other complications. A few years ago there was a study that concluded that the biotech varieties increased the states food and fiber production by more than 10 million pounds, improved farm income by nearly 33 million, and reduced pesticide used by 776,000 essays by george will pounds annually (Hammerstrom 124). Lastly genetic engineering would affect the evolution of the most precious species created Homo Sapiens. Also they have predicted that the population will reach.6 billion by 2050. To many it seems just another technological development that was bound to surface with time however it was not until now that any form of technology held the power to create change and formulate life. Her mother prays that she will be able to find some food today, a whole meal or just some discarded scraps out of someones trash bin to quill Ellis hunger. Since the first test millions of people have wondered whether nuclear weapons will spell the end of life on our planet. In Starr and Taggarts article, it is stated that cattle produce human collagen for repairing cartilage, bone and skin (513). After hearing the preceding advantages of the new technology it seems as if we should be praising its benefits. Dolly was the only lamb born from 277 fusions of oocytes with udder cells. With these facts on the table, it would not be ideal to try to clone humans if cloning an animal took several hundred attempts and human gene therapy has had hundreds of failures as mans are going way beyond their limits in the field.

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