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stream is much greater than gravity; therefore, cyclones are effective in the removal of much smaller particles than gravitational settling chambers, and require much less space to handle the same gas volume. Control by Dilution in the Atmosphere by Dispersion : The most positive way to abate air pollution is to prevent. The spray acts on the particles in the outer vortex, and the droplets loaded with particles are through outward against the wet inner wall of the cyclone. By about.m. In India, today, there is an urgent need to investigate and study this problem in detail and express the damage to property in economic terms, as very little work has been done in this direction so far. Nitrogen Oxides (NO and NO2 Motor vehicles, burning materials and chemical industries are common sources of nitrogen oxides. The viable options that we may go for include carpool, walk-to-work, cycling, shopping through e-commerce, availing public transport, tele-shopping and tele-communicating. Result from specific dusts. At room temperature MIC-H2O reaction proceeds at a slow rate. It is interesting to note that the average life of pets in Japan is 7 to 8 years, whereas in developing countries they enjoy a life span of 12 to 13 years.

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Fabric Filters : Fabric filter systems typically consist of a tubular bag or an envelope, suspended or mounted in such a manner that the collected particles fall into a hopper when dislodged from the fabric. They further caution that Fe, Cu, Sr and Zn must be excluded from contact with MIC as they catalyse a dangerously rapid trimerization. With the experimental phase of CNG kit in the two-wheeler, there will be a far-reaching impact in reducing pollution. A bigger tragedy could have occurred but for the two lakes which came in the way of the gas cloud. The railway station was close to the factory. Industrial pollution particularly from smelters, has cause complete destruction of vegetation in some cases.g. Temperature inversions are of three types, which are associated with specific weather conditions. If the duration of the fog is prolonged for a number of days, the pollutants continue to accumulate over the same area resulting in serious pollution problems. Most of these substances are naturally present in the atmosphere in low (background) concentrations and are usually considered to be harmless. These pollutants accumulate in the atmosphere close to the ground in situation where a large layer of warm air higher up prevents them from escaping. In operation the particle- laden gas upon entering the cyclone cylinder receives a rotating motion.

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