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were duped by Mao and became his pawns; this time it is for us! The ills an ordinary Chinese was aware back then of not only remain till this day, but might even be more severe. One of these propaganda publications"tions from Chairman Mao which later became known as the Little Red Book contained"s from Mao Zedong and was distributed to every Chinese citizen. It is impossible to say whether the Kuomintangs regime would ultimately have proven viable and successful if it had not been ruined by an external enemy, as the Republic had been by its internal opponents. The irony of this" was probably missed by most readers at the time but looking back it was Lin Biao who created the Cult of Mao to further his own goals within the communist party and not Lin Biaos goals of helping Mao. Every word he uttered was taken as truth he became in effect a living Buddha, and like Buddha his writings became like sutras. This is not their mistake, but the fault of our society and institutions. Lin Biao continued to head the army till his death in 1971 but his role was expanded as he became the high priest of the Cult of Mao (Yan and Gao, 1996: 334). A lot of the time the convicted would be beaten badly by the Red Guards.

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Granddaughter Yuhzen slept with her and would thus be awakened ten times a night. (Yan and Gao, 1996: 309) By January of 1971 Lin Biao was no longer in Maos clique of advisors and Mao further distanced himself from Lin Biao and his work at creating a cult of Mao by saying in December of 1970 that he felt. Japans suicidal decision to attack the United States and invasion of Southeastern Asia. Mao promoted The Great Leap Forward which was not a ideological campaign but instead an economic campaign to promote industrialization (Rodzinski, 1988:74). The Cultural Revolution and Post-Mao Reforms. But eighteen years later during ap lang rhetorical analysis essay rubric the height of the Cultural Revolution Lin Biao by winning favor with Mao by publishing and championing the Red Book and the Cult of Mao became second only to the Chairman in power and position (Ming-Le, 1983: 80). Lin Biao used the same organization to disseminate propaganda that he had devised for the Army. The story of Lin Biao is the fascinating story of a man who rode the production of propaganda to great heights but his story also provides an insight into propaganda and what it tells us about China. (Yan and Gao, 1996: 182) His references to shortcut and quick dividends in his speech went unnoticed at the time as few foresaw the effects of creating a Cult around Mao. Although studying Maoist thought was important during the period prior to the Cultural Revolution in society as a whole it was not very important. The Second Plenum was held in Lushan and chaired by Mao Zedong.

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