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A small benefit is that I still have some incandescent light bulbs installed; with 2 CFLs bumped out of the lamp, I can take them and replace 2 incandescents, which should save some electricity. Psychiatrists should routinely evaluate a depressed argument thesis against rene descartes patient for LD before/when initiating psychotropic medication. You need to keep up more to find out what the problems are than to read to find the solutions. One criticism of the Bitcoin system by cryptographers commenters is that the fundamental mechanism Bitcoin uses to prevent double-spends is requiring proof-of-work (finding certain very rare random numbers, essentially) for each set of transactions to make it hard for anyone to put together enough computers. What would be the implications of that fact for nature and society? A patient with LD may have a plausible reason to be depressed, but their emotional response can not only be incongruous with their usual coping style but also the depression can be ablated or ameliorated with control of the LD infection. Contrary to expectation, it is less buggy than the day.

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Of Mice and Men
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