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situation that we appreciate today. The Anti-Chinese Movement slowly died down as all rules against Chinese, one by one, were being declared unconstitutional. They also hung 50 persons from the lamp posts by their queues (Chinese in America, 78-79). They were called sau sang gwa, or grass widows. They were accepted by the general population and had good jobs, because they were willing to work very hard. In 1949, The Peoples Republic Of China was formed under Chinese. Occurring since long before we can remember, immigration has now become a common place idea. Immigration was not illegal. The statute of 1882 suspended Chinese immigration for ten years and declared the Chinese as ineligible for naturalization.

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Everyone had forgotten that essays on jane austen the Chinese were quiet, hard-working, law-abiding people, and they only concentrated on the bad.Chinamen Must Go!, The Yellow Peril, Chinese Take Jobs From Whites! The Chinese themselves remained ineligible for citizenship until 1943. According to Judy Yung, many of the women that went to America were sent to be prostitutes or slave girls. But the Chinese in Canada and the United Sates had it much better. Many times, 12 people were crammed into one room, so many Chinese were punished for breaking this rule. When a white man was killed in a police raid in Los Angeles Chinatown, a huge mob destroyed Chinese houses and businesses. American experience with Chinese exclusion spurred later movements for immigration restriction against other undesirable groups such as Middle Easterners, Hindu and East Indians, and the Japanese. X were all headlines of the newspapers during that time (Dowdell, 56). Violent behavior such as this would continue, without any punishment to the Americans by law enforcement officers. The Americans obviously did not appreciate them when they started to grow.

Free essays on US Politics free US Politics research paper ( Chinese Immigration into America essay. Chinese Immigration To North America Essay, Research Paper. Chinese Immigration to North America. Macdonald commented in the late 1800s that a Chinese person?

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