bend it like beckham essay

staring up and talking to the big poster of superstar soccer player David Beckham. Jess is faced with quite a conflict. The themes of this movie go parallel with the related text by talking about a Greek Women who has migrated to Australia but is not wanting to integrate into Australian culture as she is scared of losing her Greek culture. The light shining on Beckham illustrates how he is living the life, with all the fame and making a fortune out of doing what he loves best, playing football, whereas Jess on the opposite hand is trapped in the darkness, unable to follow her dream. Instead, Jess makes a bold decision that traditional Indian wilfred owen poem dulce et decorum est essay girls wouldnt do, she chose to show more content, but, when she has the opportunity of a lifetime with and American scout coming to watch them another conflict arises: the game is on the same day. The only thing standing in her way is her Indian parents. The camera shot of Mrs Bhamra forward looking back at her daughter also gives the audience an idea of how Mrs Bhamra is aware of the many changes Jess has made growing into becoming a young adult with a passion for football.

While Jess knows her parents disapprove of her playing soccer, it is no excuse for disobedience. The engagement scene is one of the major scene showing comfort in the film. Do you want a clean shaven boy like you sister or a proper Sikh with a full beard and. Bend it like Beckham portrays cultural identity as a source of both comfort and conflict. Ask our professional writer! Another theme explored was that of, your parents dont always know whats best for you. Jess' family adheres to strict beliefs, which are not popular. This scene shows the family being proud of their culture and religion. Jess is dressed in a traditional Sari, whilst her team mates are wearing the clubs soccer uniform which is western style modern looking. The directors use of lighting in this particular scene helps viewers to understand the many problems Jess encounters. However, if Jess was a boy a lot of these pressures and dilemmas wouldnt exist. Their culture and religion is explored in this film through their beliefs, rituals, cuisine, dressing, respect to elders and traditional role of women.