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them are writing those things that are good for government. TV shows, movies edited for television, and video games expose young children to a level of violence unimaginable just a few years ago. If these bad habits remain continuance this could lead to an unhealthy life and unhealthy habits, which can ultimately be fatal. By limiting the amount of hours spent on television and internet can help reduce the risk of children becoming obese and allow for them to find other activities that can be beneficial to their growth and allow for them to live a healthy life. If we had, we would not essay on grief and bereavement be so poor today. It has been established that television, internet and social medial allows for children to become educated through these conventional outlets; however children should be limited to a minimal amount of television because there is correlation between excessive television, internet and an increase in BMI, which. Many books are written as narrative for the entertainment but this particular book or directly this chapter was meant for distributing education. Somewhat surprisingly, the media far outrank parents or schools as a source of information about birth control for 15-19-year-olds.In fact, young teens (ages 13-15) rank entertainment media as their top source for information about sexuality and sexual health.

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