first year college student essay

to get add cards. By entering the packed parking lot, I got the feeling that I was entering a big institution. Got a writing question? I walked into a big hall with video games, tables and chairs. These professors give upbeat and interesting lectures, and are always looking for the classes input to make sure they comprehend. Those professors appreciate hard work and duly reward. The difference between a helpful and a harmful professor can easily result in a much lower grade. These professors are always willing to chat with a student. This type of instructor has lost rollins college supplement essay interest in teaching; therefore, they do not put any effort into.

On the first day, many students showed up even though they were not enrolled in the class. Their lectures are never to the point and usually stray off to make some negative point about life. Since high school, I have been waiting to enter college. As soon as I entered the college campus the high school atmosphere was over and a serious period of my life began. They want to avoid all student contact because they are not interested in how the student is doing.