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the intellectual, political, artistic, ideological, and every other form of male production. The rapist is their husband, boyfriend, neighbor. Cicero is lynched and killed. My first colleague spoke for fifteen minutes. The church has assumed a strong role in all the post-Communist democracies, and it has returned the womens question to the patriarchal framework. True, this time my wings were clipped by a woman, hardly the first time this had happened. Of course, the greatest gatekeeper in history would. Politicians, ministries of culture and education, the governmental bureaucracy, media, journalists, writers, public figures, professors, teachers, the Croatian Academy of Science and Art, schools, university departments, publishers, parents, and the ever-present Catholic Churchall worked diligently and in concert to foster these devastating statistics. In all Slavic languages, the word homeland is a noun of the feminine gender; the homeland is the mother, and defending her is mens work. There is a disjunction between the text and the title: Gatekeepers is both generic and general.

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Gatekeepers: The Emergence of World Literature

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Now, in modern day television, there is no single showrunner, instead the six-pack of executive producers run the show. I was recently on an international panel with two other colleagueswriters, both men. When asked who her political model is, she names Margaret Thatcher. Apparently flag desecration is on the books in most countries around the world as a crime, a form of behavior subject to criminal penalty. Known as the single showrunner in the past, the showrunner ran everything from the writing room to the actual production. The sponzorua (or hottie) would seem to be the most sought-after role for a woman in post-Communist societies. She likes having her picture taken while in military regalia, posing in relaxed scenes with Croatian soldiers. The law of Telemachus would seem, still, to apply. And when General Ante Gotovina returned from the Hague prison, convicted for war crimes yet subsequently acquitted, his welcome was a true explosion of national rapture.

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