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information. 13) Is your business is running at Profit? Many of the sacred and ancient temples and monasteries such as Namo Buddha, Indreshwar Mahadev Temple, Brahmayani Temple are located in this region.

How does the nationality accent of telemarketers influence customer response? Very Favourable Favourable Dont Know Unfavourable. Thus, Dhulikhel has been a transit point from where tourist can start their travel. 4 chapter 2 research methodology Research methodology is the main body of the study; it is the way to solve about research problem systematically. If the hotels,tourist and local resident are to be benefitted through tourism a beneficial plan should be implemented so all be able to experience a win -win situation.

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Therefore it is difficult to quantify the potentialities of tourism in Dhulikhel. The rate is charged differntly as per how to write the why us college essay the single room and double room. Employment provided by the hotel in Dhulikhel The hotel industry has helped perosn to get the job e number of persons have been employed by the hotels, resorts and lodges in e table represents the. Garkot:Nagarkot is a peaceful hilltop 32 km away from the capital lying at the altitude of is renowned for its spectacular views and landscapes. (iii) Sulphur Springs: One can drive in about 3 hours to the Tibetan border at Kodari, stopping off to see the sulphur spring at Tatopani. A micro study of tourism prespective in Dhulikhel is done through field survey. What kind of ease mention. He saw the tigeress was lying weak and effortless with 5 cubs in the inorder to help the tiger and its cubs Mahasatwa cut the body parts and helped the animals to get rid from hasatwa is said to be the incarnation of Buddha. By virtue of its latitude and monsoonal climate, the tree line in Nepal is at an incredible 3,900 m above sea level (Nepal Tourism Board, 2008). Analyse the economic benefits of tourism industry in Dhulikel. Thats why the rural community development such as health, water, bridges, trails, power supplies etc.

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bachelor thesis marketing research