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Need, and Reason: Milton and Cause, by Annie Atura 11. Phone interview was really easy. Socy 321: Sociology of Markets, Professors Devin Singh and Frederick Wherry, Teaching Fellow Andrew Cohen. Engl 454: Non-Fiction Writing, Voice Structure, Professor Fred Strebeigh.

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Elon Teaching Fellows have the in my persuasive essay islamophobia option to obtain North Carolina teacher licensure in at least one of the following programs offered through the Teacher Education Program in the School of Education: early childhood education, elementary education, middle grades education and special education, in special subject. "Importing Prescription Drugs from Canada: A Public Health Solution by Stephanie Heung 15. Engl 129: The European Literary Tradition, Professor Laura Frost. Imagined Identities: The Tibetan Government-in-exile and the Western Vision of Tibet, by Emily Kruger. engl 129: Tragedy, Professor Margaret Homans. it can be even more valuable to ask your professors for sample essays that they admire. Mills Failed Critique of Kant, and Further Critiques of Both Philosophers, by Noah Lawrence. Plsc 314: LincolnPrinciple and Persuasion, Professors Steven Smith and David Bromwich. Engl 117: Literature Seminars II, Professor Andrew Karas. I really like the interview process. plsc 252: Crime and Punishment, Professor Gregory Huber, Teaching Fellow Jeremy Kaplan-Lyman.