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our own subjectivity. For example, Ren Descartes argued that the self was an immaterial soul whose vicissitudes we encounter as thoughts and sensations. As weve seen, the self-model is an integrated bundle of predictions and lots of these predictions, built up over a lifetime of experience, can make us deeply stressed and unhappy. But this substantialist interpretation is a Cartesian mistake, according to Hume. They defend the familiar self even when it causes them distress. It is simply unprecedented in psychiatry that a single dose of a medicine produces these kinds of dramatic and enduring results, Stephen Ross, the clinical director of the NYU Langone Center of Excellence on Addiction, told.

By striving to maximise predictive success, the mind irresistibly succumbs to the substantialist temptation. Now, due to statistical regularities in the environment over time, the most predictively successful perceptual models turn out to be those that create a world and populate it constitution and change thematic essay with objects with particular properties, concrete and abstract, to be sensed and thought about. A classic example is the way in which we hear speech or music. Better to learn another language, with all the effort that entails, rather than try to temporarily forget your own. To go in the opposite direction from the act of writing well.

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