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the national development and the role of public enterprises within that. 6-mobilise financial resources 7-play advisory role in development what is infrastructural decay and national development -role of banks. They have the ability to influence inflation / deflation and so setting a how is someone writing your paper considered plagiarism price in different areas which probably can lead to a development depending on the circumstances. Media like internet especially has lent its hand of information. In November 2010 the number of internet users reached.8 million, as the Minister said, over 30 of the population, double the number in 2006 and ten times more than in 2003. But their outreach is now phenomenal. It should also be understood the impossibility of having totally unbiased media, because even in the developed European countries, media were seen for conducting opinion polls or making comments that favour certain political parties or candidates. Technical education can greatly improve efficiency in many industries and can lead to brilliant innovation in others(such as renewable energy). Perhaps the most obvious advantage social media brings to the table is its potential to rival mainstream media in giving voice to people on their own terms. Problems restricting developmental role OF media Few among the numerous obstacles to objective media reporting and progressive functions of the media are: - 1) Restrictions from the so-called "state security" laws and decrees tend to prevent full rights of expression and writing or broadcasting the.

Exploring the Role of Civil Society in the Formulation and Adoption of Access to Information Laws: The Cases. Rather, the media plays a constructive role in todays society from increasing public awareness to collecting views, information, and. In India, literacy forms a substantial barrier to the development of a country. In order to deal with this type of situation, radio especially, Community Radio can help.

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National TV Channels holds educational programs. Internet can be used for seeing news, movies and hearing songs. Our work as a media organisation makes the biggest difference when we succeed in getting people talking, whether face-to-face or across virtual networks. The code of ethics for journalists must be implemented fairly and consistently. The media are equally alarmed and tend to moblize the people against the activities of the self appointed "God fathers" and their estranged political "godsons". Curriculum help students to read areas such as citizenship which help them to be more patriotic to their countries,which help in national development. Then the most important thing is our unity which is power. The role of media in relation to business firms is that there is a marketing communication, in which one promotes a product by means of media., make it advertising, print adds, billboars, and etc. However, the conscience of the media itself needs reorientation to shed off characteristics of the ravaging societal malaise which in some ways, affect the media themselves. Technological parks AND their role IN nation'S development Definition of a Science and Technology Park according to the International Association of Science and Technology Parks (iasp "A Science and Technology Park is an organization managed by specialized professionals, whose main aim is to increase the. Our youth plays a significant role in the economy of war.

In fact, mass media can have a great impact on peoples lifestyles and culture. They might consider by wearing short dresses they can become cool just like the TV personalities they admire. It is worthy to note that the mass media do not only create awareness as well as serving as a means for expression of ideas but they are social force to be reckoned with and a vehicle for mobilization.

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