essay on nuclear family advantages

and girls of the other nuclear families can be taken in as spouses to the sons. Hence he is no longer dependent on his family in times of distress. The advantages of this are that children come to trust a greater. 25 The family is among the most important and popular institutions in the world. Destruction destructive weapons are the outcome of science. Not only will your children know more of your relatives, your native language will be spoken much more frequently. Nuclear energy is such a power of the modern age as cannot be ignored at all.

Anthropologists too have consistently emphasised the economic functions of the family in primitive societies. Thus, a nuclear family is mostly independent. A strong bond with your culture can be developed. They learn thesis linking words to give and take, to be patient, cooperative, tolerant and to adjust with the other family members. Nuclear Family System.Essay on joint family. Some cultures have a joint family (or extended family ) system.

Essay on nuclear family, ricky Martin., essay.
Nuclear, family, the individual nuclear family is a universal social phenomenon.
There are many advantages and disadvantages.