genetically modified organisms persuasive essay

today it is estimated that in the US, 91 of the soybeans planted were genetically modified. The experiments although done on rats showed that the GM soy can increase infant mortality rates and also severely reduce the offsprings weight. (p, 11/30/09) With genetic engineering they can make bigger and more nutritious fruit and vegetables. The constant stream of genetic modification of food can be confusing. (Ron Fridell, 12/1/09,.21). Trees and fruits that are genetically modified can be grown so that pesticides grow naturally in them. Also scientists sometimes bred different plants together to create an even better plant. Genetically modified organisms are organisms whose genes have been altered by use of genetic means.

This means that most of the food at your home could be food that can be mixed in any and every DNA out there. Experiments done suggest that offspring born from GM soybeans have a low birth weight, theres a high risk of death for the young ones consuming soy foods. They disable the part of the virus that makes you sick and replace it with the healthy gene which then gets delivered to where it needs. 11-12) Genetically modifying crops is beneficial to humans because they can provide more food while saving money. Researchers are now able to use GE technology to create better versions of milk, tomatoes, corn, soybeans and other food products that have been consumed by Humans for centuries. 933 Words 4 Pages, many people today are often amazed by the amount of nutrition and health information required for humans. Overcoming Food and Nutrition Shortage. Although restructured to be; insect resistant, drought resistant and have additional nutritional diet the consumption of soybean has been put in doubt over some experiments that were done. Genetic engineering is good because it can help stop deadly diseases from occurring in the human body. But there are several arguments that speak against the GM crops.