animal should be used for research essay

use animals in researches some scientists prefer using human cells. But sometimes, this way doesnt work. If scientists succeed in working out the remedy by experiments, animals will survive as well as people with the help of the medicine. Words: 400 Pages: 1 Paragraphs: 4 Sentences: 23 Read Time: 01:27.

To start with, people must realize that animal testing has a major impact on the enormous development in medical research which, of course, has an impact on all of us humans,.g. "Biomedical science has not yet reached the stage where there are adequate replacements for the use of non-human primates in research.". Ruesch, Hans, 1989) It was used in the development of penicillin, organ transplants, and was used in the creation of a vaccine for polio. Gorden, P 1997, "Non-insulin dependent diabetes-the past, present and future". If those tests prove successful then another set of tests are conducted on monkeys.

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