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a country where English was the assumed official language but not their native tongue) in the world equaled close to 98 million while those who spoke it as a foreign language was estimated to be, " as low as 100 million. By and large, the ones who stick to their home language - English accepted of course - have lower ambitions and do less significant work." v, the article goes on to state that - "with the advances in telecommunications in the last thirty years, the. Scholars such as Rasool (1999) agree. This is supported by the fact that english is used in most computer and internet applications (Graddol, 4). S population, then most people pretty much already recognized English as the default official Language, so why dont we give it an official status? Currently, all the multinational organizations look for individuals who are fluent in spoken English and have good grip on the language. As a result, the tower was sent tumbling to the ground. But, does that mean learning a new urdu essay writing competition 2018 language and absorbing another culture? Goagte of India points out English is the language all pilots must use no matter what airport they are communicating with in which country. Smoking related diseases continues to be on the rise. But will this always be the case?

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Few people realize that the US federal government has never established an official language of the country, and only twenty-five out of the fifty states have. . Is the same thing happening today? Over 120 years later, it is a viable international language and is spoken by many people, but because it has no culture attached to it, it is lifeless. That "British promotion of English as a second language was solely in an effort to protect and promote capitalism, an effort that the US took over in the postwar era." ix, despite the rise of manufacturing in China, Mexico and elsewhere, the majority of commercial. Japan is evidence of this. The given points in the essay answers the question should english be become the worlds language, and justifies the answers to the said questions as well. Both World Wars were won largely due to the efforts of these allies. David Crystal, in Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language(1995 states that two thirds of the world's children are multilingual, yet only 98 million know English as a second language. There have been people who have felt that making English the official language in the United States is like marginalizing all other languages and cultures; but in essence, I think that a national language will only bring us closer together. In 1960, English represented about a quarter of the world publishing market, yet translations into English equaled about 50, according to the cepr. Alistair Pennycook would be the first to agree. Although some people may argue that promoting a single language as the official language maybe considered as racism, I think this argument is irrelevant.

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