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describe the working conditions as hot, dusty, and noisy with vibrations that made you consider finding another job (Henry Ford: Witness Biographies). Henry Ford was founder of the Ford Motor Company and the man who put America on wheels with his Model T Ford that was affordable to the masses. International Strategy After World War II ended, Ford Motor. Henry Ford was an exemplary husband. So the black color turned out to be trivial, rather than stylish.

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Ailed shortly after it began and he created a new company, Henry Ford,., which lasted about one year (Henry Ford: The Innovator). Was among the first companies to begin producing again (Wood). Henry Ford Strong, Stars, Eye Page 1 of 18 You May Also Like: Edsel Ford Thomas. The assembly line, Fords legacy and greatest innovation, greatly improved and forever changed the auto industry (The Great Leaders Series). Henry Ford created only cars. This developed employee loyalty and satisfaction. Quot;s about: Accomplishment, achievement, adversity, age, aging, airplane, attitude. Creating three shifts would allow the factories to work around the clock without tiring the employees extensively (The Great Leaders Series). Ford got money from investors to build an improved quadricycle, but when they thought he was taking too much time, they ended their deal. His factories were described as stressful and strictly structured.

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