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meaning of family for him. His attitudes are part and parcel of a neurosis, and need to be treated as such. As he cannot enjoy anything, he must ruin others enjoyment. Home : essays excerpts : By Karen Horney (read by Hugh Mullen). The attitude becomes: If I can get nothing from life, why should you? Each brings his personal difficulties into the mutual situation, and these difficulties operate to disturb the relation. The sadistic person may be driven prontaprint thesis by a compulsive desire and need to enslave others, especially a love partner. And that is why they want to get even with those who have humiliated them.

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The sadist is unhappy, and makes other people unhappy. There have been saints who widened the horizons of their love. A mothers love for her children is something very divine. One may attain power in the political sphere. Horney seems to have revised the lecture after the publication of Our Inner Conflicts in order to incorporate some of her latest ideas. With power one can force others to do certain things but there is a world of difference between the action forced and spontaneous action. Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex? But wealth does not give happiness. Although we understand why the sadist is driven to make greedy demands upon others, to find fault, to frustrate, and even to inflict suffering, we cannot appreciate the degree of his arrogant self-righteousness nor the extent of his destructiveness unless we realize what his hopelessness. If someone hurts us, or attempts to interfere with our work or purposes, or commits an injustice, we all react with hostility. By Clive Thompson Could behaviour be contagious? Regardless of the age, an individual will always be a child to ones mother or father and should receive support until, and beyond, the age of being released into the world.

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