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refused to grant something more rational for the region's population that resulted in the formation of two rebel groups called the "Justice and Equality Movement" and the "Sudanese Liberation". The actions of the Janjaweed have been described as genocidal rape, with not just women, but children also being raped, as well as infants being bludgeoned to death and the sexual mutilation of victims being commonplace. Hagan, John; Rymond-Richmond, Wenona; Parker, Patricia (2005). The use of rape as a tool of genocide has been noted, erma bombeck thanksgiving essays this crime has been carried out by Sudanese government forces and the.

Sudan in general, is one of the poorest countries in the world. Most of the inhabitants of Darfur are self-proclaimed Muslims made up of black African tribes and Arab tribes. "UN: 460,000 displaced in Darfur this year".

Fur, Masalit and, zaghawa tribes has led the, international Criminal Court (ICC) to indict several people for crimes against humanity, rape, forced transfer and torture. It lasted until 2002 when a ceasefire was finally called. Joyce Frey, Rebecca (2009). Darfur has been at war since 2003 with mass killings, rape and pillaging still going on to this day. References edit Bibliography edit Al Jazeera (14 November 2013). "Darfur warrant for Sudan's Bashir: ICC adds genocide". The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East. Darfuri men, women, and children which has occurred during the ongoing conflict in, western Sudan. The project was titled Crisis in Darfur and is run by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in partnership with Google earth. Darfur is predominately made up of vast deserts and grasslands where indigenous farmers raise cattle. As well as Bashir another six suspects have been indicted by the court, Ahmed Haroun, Ali Kushayb, Bahar Abu Garda, Abdallah Banda, Saleh Jerbo, Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein, none of those indicted have yet been taken into custody. The World and Darfur, Response to Crimes Against Humanity in Western Sudan.

In Samuel Totten, Eric Markusen. Omar al-Bashir, president of Sudan was indicted by the ICC in 2010 for the crime of genocide, it is the first instance of the ICC issuing a warrant for genocide to a sitting head of state. Language and Collective Mobilization: The Story of Zanzibar. The software allows users to zoom in on the region, and users were able see over 1600 destroyed and damaged villages. The slaughter of Darfurians typically begins with airstrikes on small villages then followed up by militia raids carried out on foot or on vehicles. So it starts with how the populace in Darfur mostly consists of two main Muslim ethnicities: non-Arabs blacks such as the Fur, Masalit, and Zaghawa; and Arabic tribes jointly called the Baggara. Over the years there have been over 400,000 deaths and over.5 million people displaced because of the war in Darfur.