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may work for some people, but it doesnt always work for the whole group. If the friends agree, bring this up to your advisor or committee member. The negative contribution of anxiety indicate that there is not a contribution to the dependent construct behavioral intent. There were significant differences based on first computer use among participants. H05: Anxiety about computer use does not impact students acceptance of the Tablet PC H06: Students use pattern of the Tablet PC does not impact their acceptance of the device.

Students use of the Tablet PC does impact students acceptance of the device. If teaching schedules are the bottleneck, talk with some of your friends (advanced grad students, postdocs, alumni) and ask if they might consider facilitating a class for your advisor or committee member on your defense day. Future Research The research for this dissertation has opened my preceptions of all the possible applications of adoption research. This whole process has been extremely rewarding as it opened a new world of behavioral research for this researcher. Mark Moran Doctoral Candidate.