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largely dismissed ways that words evolved. The whale whispers, we learn its song. This collaborative curatorial team have recently relocated from Sydney to Melbourne and are eager to begin developing their proposed exhibition for launch in March 2012 at Gertrude Contemporary, in association with the 2012 Next Wave Festival. During her visit to Australia Cornell will be researching for these projects, meeting with artists, galleries and other curators. Texta Queen uses the humble felt-tip pen to explore politics of sexuality, gender, race and identity in tangent with ideas of self-image and inter-personal relationships. Scott Rettberg, William Gillespie, and Dirk Stratton, The Unknown (1998).

On the 27 September it opens at CCA Andratx in Mallorca, Spain until 15th March 2015. Former Studio Artist Alex Vivian presents a new solo exhibition of sculptures, paintings and installation that, by contrast, engages materials inscribed by traces of an absent body. Note 33 William Gillespie, with programming by Jason Rodriguez and David Dao, Word Museum ; see documentation,. We are seeking invigilators to sit in the upstairs hallway of Gertrude Contemporary and read 'An Uncertain Reader' between Saturday 26 July and Saturday 23 August. Chloe Mandryke (Sydney) who will be mentored by Jeff Khan, curator, writer and Artistic Director, Performance Space, Sydney. This reader states that there is no now now, or that - as Russian literary scholar Mikhail Bakhtin put it - everyday anew we have to answer the questions addressed by art with our own lives. She is currently researching the relation between art and science fiction as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Art History at the University of Queensland, where she also teaches.