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treatment for DID have been shown in a number of cases. Actual Increase in Number of Cases. Other directions of research lie within realm of clinical practice. OCD usually has its onset in late adolescence through the early 20s, although childhood onset is not uncommon, especially in boys. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 24, 1-8. Phobic disorders and panic in adults: A guide to assessment and treatment. He or she is desperately seeking a dramatic, interesting case or needs to feel he or she is on the latest cutting edge of diagnostic acumen. New York Review of Books, 44, 60-64. By doing so, the person does not have to consciously deal with the event and can continue to operate more effectively in other aspects of psychological and social functioning. Synchrony and desynchrony in fear and avoidance. Behavioral methods of assessment are more objective than self-report methods.

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As was previously noted, the DID category is steeped in controversy. According to Lang, the subjective, behavioral, and physiological components of anxiety are relatively independent of one another. A person reporting in therapy a normal depersonalization experience can be diagnosed as depersonalization disorder. In recent years the information media, especially television news, have presented numerous cases of reported dissociative disorders, specifically essay relation between usa culture and sundiata amnesia, fugue, and multiple personality. For example, a client who for a few minutes regresses and acts childishly and then becomes quiet and withdrawn for a few minutes is diagnosed DID with three personalities (the primary one, the child, and the quiet one). For example, psychoanalysis would say the material is being forcefully kept in the unconscious by repression; a behaviorist would say the material is out of awarenessbut both agree memory of the event(s) or thoughts is not readily available to the persons immediate recall. The controversy has centered on multiple personalities, which will be the main focus of this discussion, but controversy over amnesia and repressed memories must also be noted. In this section, a closely related phenomenon is presented: loosening the diagnostic criteria.

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