adopting animals from shelters essay

breeding takes a lot of time and effort, and when a person or companys goal is profit (which is the case with pet stores) they need to keep costs low and profits high, just like any other business. They truly care about the animals and can help people pick out pets whose personalities are a good fit with their the importance of saving money essay spm lifestyle. The bottom line on pet adoption Pets bring joy to millions of people every day. There are successful no-kill models in communities such as Austin, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; Portland, Oregon; and Brown County, Indiana.

Adoption of Animals Essay - 1808 Words Bartleby

adopting animals from shelters essay

He enjoys "dancing turning in circles and hopping from one side to the other to show he is happy and excited. Pet adoption and pet rescue, bringing home a new pet is incredibly exciting. He is also the most well behaved dog I have every had, despite being a terrier.

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Nubbi is a charming little man, full of love and comedy. Most shelters and rescue groups also showcase their pets online, which makes it easy to list of thesis and anti antithesis get an idea of what animals are there waiting for homes. The Humane Society of the United States conservatively estimates that 4 million pets lose their lives in this nations shelter for simple want of a home. A sad fact of life is that there are far too many homeless pets than there are loving homes to care for them. When you choose to adopt a pet instead of buy one, you can not only find adorable, unique, fun, sweet dogs and cats at local shelters and animal rescue groups, but you also become part of the solution to the homeless pet problem. People never think to ask themselves where that puppy in the window comes from. Adopt from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. View pet photos, watch videos of them and read thorough biographies that tell of their personality traits, obedience skills and the what type of family that cuddly cat or dynamite dog is looking for. The accepted benchmark of a no-kill community is when its pet shelters are able to save at least 90 percent of the animals they take. Meanwhile, Best Friends has two initiatives to bring Los Angeles, California, and the entire state of Utah to no-kill status. Quiet as could be and very well behaved, she was a joy to be around for the 3 months I fostered her.

Millions of people have adopted shelter pets! Whether you are looking for a puppy, adult or even a senior animal, pure breed or a "canine cocktail you can typically find the animal perfect for you and your family without much effort. Each organization has its own process based on its needs and the animals needs.