if i were a wizard essay for kids

be your haven. I'd keep my wand clean and fully charged and see that each kindness got enlarged, because love grows only from loving. House elves Wed treat them a bit better and give them a fair wage but having an army of the creatures to prepare your meals and clean your house would be the best. Name: Nikhil Email Address: If I were Harry Potter for a day: I would give free ice cream for all and make all schools like in the one in Harry potter I would go essays about lincoln sports equipment case to each and every place in the world on the broom.

if i were a wizard essay for kids

So if someone s pointing a gun at me, the gun will shoot him in stead. Protego: For obvious reasons Tergeo: Cleaning up is not a problem anymore Accio: that.

I'd help the homeless shelter themselves - this just takes work, not magic or elves - and february 28th duluth minnesota writing a business plan they'd learn love does grow from loving. The thing about Harry Potter is that he can't use magic in the muggle world. Restore environ to its natural self -Reverse time to some golden eras Name: Deepika Email Address: If I were Harry Potter for a day: I'd first use a spell to give all magical powers permanently. Protection Hogwarts was so safe that even Lord Voldemort failed to penetrate its defenses until Dumbledore was dead, and even then he still lost. (The site doesn't provide navigational links so you can return to a previous page!) But don't fear! Hagrid (Picture: Warner Bros) Most school caretakers can be a bit gruff but Hagrid is the best friend anyone could wish for.

I'd obviously keep that. Name: Gurmeet Singh Email Address: If I were Harry Potter for a day: Wish it was a day for Quidditch and Dobby is around to add some flavour as well. Vanquish the dreaded blank sheet of paper.

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